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Monument Volleyball Policies


There will be no refunds for tryouts.  If you need to shift your day/time please email  We will try our best to accommodate.  Please keep in mind our spots are limited so that we can fairly evaluate everyone.


There will be no refunds.  You may email if you have a request for a refund or wish shift to a different event  before an event and we will try our best to accomodate.  If you email/communicate after an event, no refund will be issued.  No season fees will be refunded after acceptance to a team.

Monument Volleyball Inclement Weather Statement

From time to time weather may adversely affect Monument Volleyball's ability to hold various events.  Here are a few basic guidelines for members to know related to the effects of inclement weather.

1.  If the Federal Government shuts down or closes, all practices/clinics at TISCOM are cancelled.

2.  If the Fairfax Sportsplex closes, practices/clinics at the Sportsplex are cancelled.  The Fairfax Sportsplex posts closure announcements and weather updates on its website at

3.  If Fairfax County Public Schools close and/or cancel events, practices at those facilities will be cancelled.  Fairfax County Public Schools post weather related notices on their website at

4.  If Onelife Fitness closes it Alexandria and/or Burke location(s), practices/conditioning at their facility(s) will be cancelled.

5.  If a Monument Volleyball coach decides to hold practice, the ultimate decision to attend practice will be up to the individual families.  Our families are located throughout the region and some may encounter travel difficulties that others might not.  Other than time missed participating in volleyball training and conditioning, there will be no negative impacts to athletes for missing practice due to inclement weather conditions.  Safety First.


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