Ric Licardo  USMC (Ret.): Coach Ric’s passion for the game started in the early 80’s on the sands of San Diego and playing the beaches up and down the California Coast. After being brain-baked for several years he came in out of the sun and found a new purpose in life as an indoor setter. What a different animal this “indoor” game is. Controlled environment, no weather delays/cancellations, your vertical was probably 4 times higher than in the sand and your speed is about 10 times faster … loved it!

He was fortunate enough to set for one of the powerhouse teams in the Aloha region and felt really blessed with the playing opportunities he has been given. He wanted to give back to the sport that had given him so much. So, he started coaching in the early 90’s with open level men’s and women’s teams that lasted about 10 years or so.

Moving to the DC area, volleyball came to a near stop … until 2014 … his youngest says (she was 11 at the time) … “Daddy, I want to learn to play volleyball” … Yes indeed, the volleyball bug has bitten again!!!

Currently the Head Coach for the Hayfield Hawks and was selected as the 2018 High School Coach of the Year for the Gunston District!

Coach Ric is VHSL, IMPACT and CAP II Certified and Gold Medal Squared trained

Coach Ken Rowland


Coach Ken Rowland is happy to be returning to Monument Volleyball for another year of Juniors Club Volleyball, after being a part of last year's inaugural season.

Ken has been playing competitive volleyball for over 30 years, and has been a fan of volleyball for even longer.

Prior to coaching the juniors club program at Monument Volleyball Club, Coach Ken coached youth recreational league volleyball. Additionally, he has been an assistant coach clinician with the Pat Powers VBClinics.com program at its Northern Virginia stops since 2016.

Coach Ken is IMPACT and SafeSport certified and Gold Medal Squared trained.

Please note the schedule is a 'work-in-progress' as the local CHRVA tournaments are not finalized and have not been posted. They are tentative and more will be added to our schedule throughout the season with about two tournaments a month.