Bio: Coach Lacey retired from the US. Coast Guard in 2014 after serving 30 years on active duty.

Coach Lacey's Volleyball career started with the Jersey Shore Volleyball Association (JSVBA), playing in double beach tournaments in both men and CO-ED tournaments. Wanting to play more, he took his love of the sport to indoor leagues.

Coach Lacey got his first taste of coaching when asked to help train a youth team in 1993. His first public schools coaching experience began when hired on at Hayfield Secondary as the Freshman Coach in 2009 and has been coaching both public school and/or club volleyball ever since.

Hayfield Secondary: 5 years Freshman Coack, 1-year JV Coach, 3 years as Varsity Coach.

3 years coaching for SYC Spring Volleyball

Club Evolution Travel: 14's Head Coach, 17's Head Coach

BRYC Travel Volleyball: 17's Head Coach, 18's Head Coach, 15's Head Coach, 12's Head Co-Coach

VHSL, IMPACT and CAP I Certified

TESP (Team Early Start Program)

This program is offered during the travel volleyball season (Nov-Jun) and is the next step in our ESP training.  It is not only designed for the education of players but the education of parents who want their child to play travel volleyball.

A considerable amount of time and effort by the entire family goes into successful and enjoyable travel volleyball experience. Our T2 ESP is a low cost, low impact, highly informative process to educate and prepare the entire family for travel volleyball.

The players:  In this part of the program the players will learn to work as a member of a team. They will start to focus in on a position they like or show the greatest aptitude for. This training will follow the more conventional training methods where the basic skills will be reinforced, advanced skill introduced. A good portion of the training will be directed at playing the game and using all the skills and knowledge gained at the entry level ESP with other team members.

The parent:  Parents will meet with Monument staff for Q&A sessions.  We will sit down and fully indoctrinate you on what will be expected of you and your child if you decide that travel volleyball is something you want to pursue.  While we will be able to answer specific questions concerning what Monument has to offer, and what is expected of our parents and players, it has been our experience that clubs are not one size fits all so we will share information and facts that are generic and common to all area clubs and to travel volleyball.

Background:  With many beginner club and rec teams the goals are to prepare the players to play in a competitive game.  Based on this there is a push, a rush even, to get the ball over the net by any means necessary.  Skill development in serving means teaching players to serve under hand versus over hand since it is a far easier skill to master.  Game play that means teaching to "bump" the ball back over the net on the first or second hit versus striving for a pass, followed by a set, followed by an attack.  These methods, while accomplishing the goal of "playing volleyball", do nothing to help advance a players skill level.  These methods also tend to create bad habits that are hard to break.

Our process:  Our program is designed for complete team training without the rush to play in a game. The program will follow USAV guidelines as they pertain to an organized club team.  Players will need to be registered with CHRVA and will attend a "tryout".  This tryout is to ensure that all participants have the skill and knowledge to be considered for the program.  This "tryout" is also to provide the player and parent the experience on what is required of them, and what it feels like, to attend a tryout.   Those whose skills and knowledge are not as far along as others will be encouraged to join the entry level Early Start Program.

At this stage in the development we feel a 1:5 coach to player ratio is best for learning to play within a team.  Based on this ratio, teams will consist of 8-10 players.

Just like ESP, TESP is all about "taking it slow, having fun, and getting it right".