Bio: Coach Lacey retired from the US. Coast Guard in 2014 after serving 30 years on active duty.

Coach Lacey's Volleyball career started with the Jersey Shore Volleyball Association (JSVBA), playing in double beach tournaments in both men and CO-ED tournaments. Wanting to play more, he took his love of the sport to indoor leagues.

Coach Lacey got his first taste of coaching when asked to help train a youth team in 1993. His first public schools coaching experience began when hired on at Hayfield Secondary as the Freshman Coach in 2009 and has been coaching both public school and/or club volleyball ever since.

Hayfield Secondary: 5 years Freshman Coack, 1-year JV Coach, 3 years as Varsity Coach.

3 years coaching for SYC Spring Volleyball

Club Evolution Travel: 14's Head Coach, 17's Head Coach

BRYC Travel Volleyball: 17's Head Coach, 18's Head Coach, 15's Head Coach, 12's Head Co-Coach

VHSL, IMPACT and CAP I Certified


ESP (Early Start Program)

This program is offered year-round and designed for beginner and novice players in the sport of volleyball and while age is not the determining factor of participating in the program we recommend it for players as early as 10 years of age.  In this program coaches will work with small groups, 1 to 4 players, to ensure that each player receives maximum hands on training and constant coach feedback. 

Background:  In normal clinics, camps, team training; run by Monument and other clubs, the coaches will normally have a schedule and will conduct that training based on the time allotted for skill development and not on how well, or how bad, the players execute the skills. This standard method training works with older more experienced players but is not ideal for beginners.   In conventional training, players are normally split into groups based on what position they play, or want to play: setters, hitters, or defensive players.  The players are separated by their chosen position and are given training based on that position. Normally this is followed by game play where, again, players train for that singular role. This training, which can be considered normal routine, might be good for team training with experienced players; however it does not facilitate skill development with beginner and novice players.

Our process: Our staff understands that at the beginning stages of development, at each level of competition the players need to be able to enjoy their experience and develop a love for the sport, so our process as about taking it slow, having fun , and getting it right. Monument staff also understands that no two players learn, nor develop, at the same rate which is why we encourage ESP at an early age and conduct it in small groups.  This program is designed so each player is getting a high degree of hands on training from our coaches at a slower pace to ensure that the players have an understanding of what is expected prior to moving on to other skills or advanced skills.

With ESP each player will learn how to forearm pass, hand pass, serve, set, attack; players will learn what is expected at every position and how to play those positions.  The players will learn the rules, the fundamentals of the game, and the language of volleyball.  ESP takes single position based training out of the equation and ensures that each player receives repetitive coaching on every skill at every position.

By conducting training outside of a team atmosphere it is our opinion that novice players have a better opportunity to learn, repeat, and perfect the basics skills that all players need without the pressure of winning or losing games, nor are they forced to make a decision on what position they want to play in the future.

Our coaches will strive to develop strong, knowledgeable, and confidant players who will have the skill set to excel at the next level and we can do that by taking it slow, having fun, and getting it right. Lets be honest, anyone can play volleyball, but not everyone can become a volleyball player and at Monument our goal is to develop each child into becoming a volleyball player.

ESP Pricing

  • 1 hour private with 1 coach - $50 per session
  • 1 hour semi private with 1 coach and 2 athletes - $70 per session
  • 1 hour semi private with 1 coach and 3-4 athletes $100 per session