Monument is a young and growing volleyball program and is proud to work with like minded individuals and organizations. Outsource Volleyball is our first service partner and we look forward to growing together!

Outsource Volleyball

Outsource Volleyball is a team comprised of current DIII collegiate volleyball players committed to helping volleyball players at the intermediate and advanced levels by providing them with another set of eyes! Outsource Volleyball will provide personal and technical feedback alongside meaningful recommendations through video analysis. As one of the members of our team watches footage and film of your playtime, we will take notes and provide you with a thorough analysis of the requested individual or team skill, technical feedback, recommendations, and suggest drills which could help facilitate the development of better, stronger volleyball players.

In addition to providing exceptional analytical info for players, OutsourceVolleyball’s coaches can provide advice regarding the college recruitment process and tips to get YOU noticed by any college coach you want. This service is included with our standard video analysis. Just be sure to let the coach know in your email!

If you or your team is interested in Outsource Volleyball’s service, pricing begins at $10 per set of analysis per player, increasing to $25 per set of analysis per team. The steps for submitting footage is as follows...

  1. Send an email requesting our services with the YouTube link to the video footage to be analyzed to (Please include skills and or plays you wish for the coaches to pay closer attention to)
  2. Send payment to
  3. We will verify they payment with our customer via email (Your footage is being looked at...)
  4. Analyze video footage
  5. Send back footage (This will take approximately 7-10 business days depending on how much footage is submitted)
  6. Outsource Volleyball may send a follow up email asking for feedback


Coach Jared

OutsourceVolleyball Founder and Head Coach

(703) 474-5376