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Junior Boys Volleyball

Boys Volleyball



Monument Volleyball invites all boys where you will learn the proper fundamentals and mechanics through drills used by higher level teams. We offer a highly individualized program for boys of all abilities and skill levels.  Highlights include:

  • For boys ages 13-18
  • Training under the guidance of experienced boys coaches
  • Skill development
  • Personal evaluation
  • Strength and Conditioning

What is Travel?

Different than recreational teams – travel is competitive and a higher level of play. As a part of the USA Volleyball organization, they will play for about 6 months.  We will have a 15U and 17U (or 17/18U) team.  There is an expected level of commitment while understanding this is not the only thing these young men have going on in their lives.  Please speak with a coach to determine flexibility and compatibility.

What does the schedule look like?  

From Mid October when tryouts are until the end of May (with a possibility to go longer if they get a bid to a Nationals) They will average two weekends per month for tournaments in the local area throughout Richmond, MD, PA, NY.  There will be two 2-hour practices per week with optional clinics.

Have more Questions?

Please contact Coach Ric Licardo, Director of Indoor Volleyball, by phone (703) 864-9399 or email


Monument Volleyball  

8253A Backlick Road #951

Newington, VA 22122  


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