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Explosive Performance



Better training makes better athletes. What sets explosive Performance apart from other "athlete training" programs? Intense focus on form. Proper form ensures maximum results - strengthening critical stabilizer muscles and avoiding common sports injuries.

Whatever your sport, EP is the right training system to help you safely and efficiently realize your athletic potential. Trust our Explosive Performance experts to help you train smarter by using the same scientifically proven methods used by Olympians and professional athletes.

If you want one time a week just sign up for one if you want two sign up for both. The amount priced out is for 3 months paid in full totally $268.00, which is 22.30 for 12 sessions.  Click on the link below to start you on your way!

Scroll to the very bottom once you have clicked on this link.  Click Alexandria location and then EP.  It will populate with EP Training for Monument Volleyball.  Register Here!


Monument Volleyball  

8253A Backlick Road #951

Newington, VA 22122  


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