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Clinic Information

Clinics will cover all aspects of serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and applying those skills into game play. Drills will be adjusted and can be separated based on skill levels. We provide a fun environment for all players at all skill levels!

Beginners:  This clinic is for players new to the sport. The focus is on developing motor learning skills, teaching the fundamentals of the game, correcting the movement and mechanics of the basic skills such as: passing, serving, setting, and attacking. The clinics will also teach the basic game theories such as: rotation, positions, defense, and offense. Lot of touches and learning!

Intermediate:  This clinic is for players at the club level or on a high school team. The focus is on developing proper technique, visualizing and understanding the different aspects of the game. Players should be able to place 60% of their serves in play, show good ball control when passing, proper hand placement and body position for setting, always use proper footwork when attacking and their timing to the ball. Understand their role during game play!

Advanced:  This clinic is for players on Open & Club level team or Varsity High School team. The focus is still on executing the fundamentals, emphasizing the proper technique, learning, reading, anticipating, timing the ball is acquired, using critical thinking of the game. Players should be able to place 90% of their serve in play, demonstrate good vision of the court, vary their shots at the net and use the block when necessary. Have Fun and Play at a higher level.


Monument Volleyball  

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